The New NP Bootcamp

You’re an NP or NP student who is really passionate and eager to start changing the lives of your patients, but you’re struggling to find an employer who will give you a chance.

I see you.

You’re tired of sending your résumé to online job applications, only to never even hear back from anyone.

How rude, am I right?

You know that if you could just get the opportunity to show your ideal employer just how passionate you are, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make up for your lack of NP experience.

Don’t get me wrong, you can, and likely will, eventually find this position.

But imagine - wouldn’t you love to be spending your precious time on the right job search activities?

Spoiler alert...your résumé doesn’t matter as much as you may think, and it certainly shouldn’t be where you spend the majority of your time.

Be honest, how much time are you spending:

  • Obsessing over the small details of your résumé and cover letter
  • Scrolling and searching job boards
  • Worrying that an oversaturated job market is going to crush your chances of landing a job?
  • Looking through the huge online FB groups to find out if everyone is on the same struggle bus?

This is NOT how you should be spending your time.

You should be spending it on refining your documents, planning a job search strategy, networking with others, and following your plan.

I know that deep down, you may be wondering if you’re even worthy of your ideal NP job.

Every time you’ve found a job posting that could be THE job, if often looks like this:

  • You worry whether you’ll be one of hundreds of NPs applying for the job, then…
  • You wonder if you are even deserving of such an amazing opportunity 
  • And ultimately...when you see that they want 2 years of experience, you decide to not even apply

Sound familiar?

Deep breath. Let me show you an easier way.

In The New NP Bootcamp, you’ll: 

>> Identify and overcome the frustrating beliefs about an oversaturated job market so that you can maintain a positive, productive attitude

>> Learn the 3 steps you must include in your job search to stand out even if you have zero NP experience

>> Take a peek at what the best résumés and cover letters have in common so that you can articulate your passions on paper

If you want to learn exactly how to confidently approach your NP job search and make a plan for the months to come, then the New NP Bootcamp is the perfect training for you!

The New NP Bootcamp is MADE for the new NP who:

  • Knows that they have so much to offer the world, but struggles to articulate their passion
  • Understands the importance of networking, but isn’t quite sure how to get started
  • Fears that a competitive job market will stunt their professional growth and potential

And is NOW ready to:

  • Change their mindset to one of positivity and abundance
  • Stand out with a different approach to their job search strategy
  • Understand exactly what potential employers want to see on their résumé

One final thing, here’s what you get when you enroll in the New NP Bootcamp:

3 recorded video trainings that you can watch any time!

  • Part 1: How to Overcome Oversaturation in Your NP Job Search Without Settling for a Job You Hate...Even if You’re a New Graduate (45 minutes video training and 30 minute Q&A)
  • Part 2: The 3 Game-Changing Secrets to Your Nurse Practitioner Job Search Strategy (45 minutes video training and 30 minute Q&A)
  • Part 3: How to Put Your Passions on Paper with a Powerful Résumé and Cover Letter (45 minutes video training and 30 minute Q&A)

You’ll have forever access to all the trainings, and see - no burpees at all!

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